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My Auto Store Corporate HQ

The Historic Victor Talking Machine/RCA Building

201 N. Front Street

Camden, NJ 08102

My Auto Store's Corporate HQ is located in the historic Victor Talking Machine Company building in Camden, NJ. 

The Victor Talking Machine Co. began in 1901 and in 1906 began to produce Victrolas, disc phonographs with a turntable and amplifying horn inside a cabinet. Over the years, it grew to a massive operation that covered the equivalent of 10 city blocks, churned out 800,000 records a day, and had sales of over $400 million in phonograph instruments, records, and parts. The company was acquired by by RCA in 1929. 

The building was constructed in 1916 and is located just blocks away from the Camden waterfront. It was home to the Victor Talking Machine Co. executive offices, including the office of company founder Eldridge R. Johnson. The 7th floor, well preserved in its original condition, includes an ornate boardroom where giants like Frank Sinatra and Woody Guthrie signed their recording contracts. The 8th floor includes a recording studio and stage where legendary artists recorded and live orchestra performances were given. Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday all recorded for the label.


My Auto Store

100 Atlantic Avenue

Camden, NJ 08104

My Auto Store is a subsidiary of EMR, one of the world’s largest scrap metal recycling companies. Their state-of-the-art automotive disassembly plant in Camden, New Jersey has the capacity to dismantle 7000+ vehicles each month. 


The My Auto Store process starts with the inspection and inventory of the vehicle. They use proprietary software to determine the best quality parts and catalog the items into a database. They then remove any and all hazardous items such as fluids, gas, tires, and catalytic converters among other hazardous items. All hazardous items are recycled through recycling centers specifically designed for the hazardous material around the country.


At this point the car is dismantled and only the highest quality, OEM parts are kept in their inventory with the rest being recycled. Once all the items are removed, the car is then crushed and “shredded”. This material is then sorted between ferrous and non-ferrous metal and all non metal (plastics, rubber, carpet, etc.) are removed at this time. The sorted metal is then melted down and turned into new, recycled metal products.  

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12 miles from the Philadelphia Airport


Complimentary hot breakfast

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Walking distance to the Liberty Bell and area restaurants

Discounted MERA parking fee of $25/night

MERA - The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing

25925 Telegraph Road, Suite 350
Southfield, MI  USA

Tel: +1 248 750 1280